Insulation advice needed


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Insulation advice needed

I'm English but live in Indonesia and have just bought a plot of land with a couple of simple buildings already standing on it. It would be a shame to knock them down and I would like to make one of them the basis of our new home.
However, the location is 900 metres above sea level and chilly to the point where we were unable to sleep there when we visited it last week. The building is constructed of regular housebricks but only using one layer of bricks. This style of construction is fine for most of Indonesia where the problem is trying to avoid the house becoming too hot but is not suitable for our location.
So my question is how do I insulate this building well enough to make it comfortable? Do we need to provide another layer of bricks so that we can fill the gap with insulating materials? Of course because of the climate we cannot go to the local hardware store and buy insulating material. Foam injection for example is unheard of. The only material available that I know of is polystyrene. Could I fasten polystyrene to the inside of the existing walls? If so how? and what could I cover the polystyrene with to make the interior attractive? Would attaching half logs to the outside make the property warmer? Do insulating paints work?
Any suggestions would be very welcome. thanks
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Yes, insulating paints are fine. Be sure the holes are plugged up in the walls. You can also use out side type too, if painting the bricks is ok.

Most of your heat gain is in the summer. You should be able to get a radiant barrier material that will work in the attic. I have seen at least one mfgr in India and I think Indonisia.

If yopu have to buy in the states a 500sq foot roll of sheet type weighs about 14 pounds for shipping.

Worse case, you can paint the ceiling too.

Ck radaint paints on the internet

Thank you for considering my opinion.
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