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when using contractor (for blown-in), how do they finish walls, etc.?

when using contractor (for blown-in), how do they finish walls, etc.?


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when using contractor (for blown-in), how do they finish walls, etc.?

We have a very cold drafty 100-year-old house and qualify for weatherization assistance; the group uses blown-in cellulose. We have old cedar shake exterior, not in good shape, and can't afford the repair & paint for AT LEAST a year.

We are aware that the shakes will likely break when removed and thus would need to be replaced, but we are concerned that the group may not be as professional as we might like or what we might get if we could pay for the service. We don't think that they will cover the holes well. We are thinking of trying to find some shakes and ask them to cover any exposed areas, but are not sure that they will. (they did some rather sloppy roof work in preparation for the insulation work).

On the interior, lifting floor boards was mentioned, but I can't imagine that they will return our nicely refinished floors to their presently-beautiful state and we can't afford to bring someone in to replace broken boards, even if we could find boards to match the 100-year-old boards.

What is anyone else's experience with using insulation contractors?

What is to be expected from any insulation contractor (even a free/low-cost one)?

Can this be done without incurring lots of costs for repairs?
Large house = lots of holes = lots of repairs.

Should we put off this work until we can afford insulation and the repairs and shiver until then?

Thanks so much for any opinions.
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when using contractor (for blown-in), how do they finish walls, etc.?


First thing, I would call additional insualtion contractors to get additional ideas and methods they are using. This should help evaluate the process chosen.

I submit that insulation contractors are not all the same and the good ones will always try to do their job on retro's with minimum damage. Bear in mind, that repairs of some type will be needed. To what degree will depend on the one chosen.

If the steps taken by the "group" is radical, I would seek to wait until you have the means to do this the right way.

Hope this helps!
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We had blown insulation put in this old house here and the contractor used about an 1.5" hole saw to gain access between the studs then put a cork in each hole then siliconed over the corks. Looked o.k. on wood clapboards but maybe not on cedar shakes?? Depends on how fussy you are...As far as under the floors, it would seem that they wouldn't have tear up your floor. Can't they gain access from underneath? And it would seem that the attic would be the logical point of access for the ceiling? .... As for quality of workmanship, if they are doing that sloppy type of work then they wouldn't be in business long...word has a way of getting around, if you know what I mean.

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