Insulating Between Garage and Bedroom Floor


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Cool Insulating Between Garage and Bedroom Floor

I am planning on re-doing the insulation between my garage and bedroom floor and adding a ceiling in the garage.

Currently I have hardwood floors in the bedroom which are over a diagonally placed wood plank subfloor. These are nailed to the joists which appear to be 2x6 spaced about 16" apart. Currently there is standard wall insulation kraft paper facing down stapled to the joists. There is no ceiling in the garage.

My plans are to remove the current insulation and replace this with Miraflex R-25 Insulation. Then I was thinking about making the ceiling out of some 1/4" thick sheets of plywood. I plan on caulking all of the joists (where they will touch the plywood ceiling) to try to cut down on some of the air flow from the garage into the bedrooms. This will be an imperfect job since there are a lot of obstacles hanging from the ceiling. (Pipes, lights, cables, garage door hardware, AC ducts, etc.)

I have read a lot of good information here so I thought I would see if anyone had any comments that would prevent me from making mistakes or improve my results. I live in Atlanta by the way. Thanks in advance for any help and for considering my project.
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You will be lucky to get R12 from that material. Remember fiber materials are only about 10% efficient. Plus you have to worry about conensation and mold.

Install a two layer (B3) radiant barrier (RB).

If you want a super job install to the bottom of the joist and then install 7/8" steel furring strips across the bottom of the joists and then the dry wall.

You might want to consider retrofiting the rest of the house with RBs, both foil and RB paint. You could save up to 50% on the energy used.

Thank you for considering my opinion.
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Thanks for the info

Where can I get a two layer radiant barrier? Also, should I leave the current insulation in place or remove? Thanks.
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Re: Thanks for the info

that's a good question, I'd be interested hearing the answer too.....
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If the insulation is exposed, oir you plan to remove any existing drywall, remove it. With the RB it won't do any thing and you'll get rid of a source of various odors. Also you don't want the fiber material in contact with the RB.

The RB is a two layer material that will be installed between the joist and angled up at the ends to meet the seam between the ridge board and the sub floor.

If the garagewalls are insulated then you'll install the RB between the joists at the rim board and butt the ceiling RB into that, stright across not angled up.

I would also recommend that you use the beads in the paint for the drywall as that will reduce the heat lost for the joists a considerable amount.

If you want a sample send me your address. [email protected]

The material is $.22/sf, 500sf rolls plus UPS. You'll need a heavy duty electric or air stapler. Use 3/8" lng x 1/2" wide crown staples.

I don't have any pics to send right now, I'm in the process of biulding a new computer and will be able to send e-mail pics when setup.

Thank you for considering my opinion.
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