should FG be blocking unvented soffits areas?


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should FG be blocking unvented soffits areas?

the FG was removed from the path directly infront of the soffit vent, but should all FG be removed from blocking the pathway in areas that don't have a soffit vent?
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Yes, what attic ventilatin does is ventilate the entire roof. If a section is closed off from the venting, you will probably end up with a moisture problem in that area.
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Even if there are on soffits there are small seams that will allow some air to enter.

If you are hoping the increased air flow will help lower you a/c bills, Little or nothing.

Look into installing a 2 layer radiant barrier on top of the attic insulation. Also look into ceramic insulation beads for paint that is about 70% efficient for ceiling and walls.

Thank you for considering my opinion.
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rbisys, i've done some homework & like what i've read about RB.
where can i buy it?

also, i sent you a personal email as you requested about a month ago, for samples of your RB system. was that ever sent (i didn't rev it)? I'll send you another personal email with my address.

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I thank you for being interested snd your patience.

I'm geeting so much e-mail, etc that if I don't get the samples out within two days from request there's a good chance of missing them. I'm now running copies and putting them on the board so that they will not get lost.

I just received the last of the components for the new computer I'm building. This will allow me to send pics and my RB data direct.

Thanks again,

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