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When we built our house last year, we had a plastic vapor barrier installed between the drywall and the paper backed fiberglass batting insulation. We have had problems with condensation under anything plastic placed on the floor. The house is on a concrete slab, and our builder says the sweating is a result of the vapor barrier and the house being too airtight. I've never heard of this before. Any thoughts would be welcome.
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During the building craze of the late 70s' and early 80s' (Concrete Tilt Up construction for commercial builings, and All Wood Foundations and Super-Insutlated Home construction, the heat seamed interior barrior you describe was quite the rage. Later on, the "condensation" problem you describe reared its head. Both Government and Private studies as well as published reports have been done on the subject. The summary is more and better ventilation through the house. For more details, Govenment and private:
I believe Fine Home Building published one article. A Web search using >"super insulated home" and condensation< should access the govenment reports. For the U.S. go to the EPA web site (a short cut) and search there.
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Hello SCB:

Since I am not totally familiar with the problem you have explained here, if I understand it correctly, the moisture problem lies in the walls.

Should that be correct, then yes, ventilation is needed. Your building contractor therefore should have or know where to obtain all the latest details for the corrections.

Should this not be the case, he or you may need to ventilate the walls. Here I would suggest adding air vents to the exterior walls and also in the attic just inside the horizontal header using vent tubing.

Somehow there has to be a way to accomplish getting air to pass through the walls without compromising the insulation quality and without removing the drywall boards.

Check with the building department in your town or city too. There may have already been cases like yours and they may already have, know of or where to obtain the proper correction methods.

Good Luck & Happy Holidays.

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