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I just finished re-insulating my attic, but I would like to add an insulation cap to cover the pull-down ladder, but have not been able to find one. I was hoping you might be able to provide some insight as to where I might be able to locate one?

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Hi: plank

I personally have not seen one in years. May just not be all that much need for one in this climate zone here on the West Coast.

There may have been one or two manufacturers years back supplying ladder insulation caps. There quite possibly still is a supplier.

Check the larger chain retail stores.
Check with your local heating and air conditioning service agencies and retailers.

You may want to post your question in another section on this site. Ask Jack the Contractor or the handyman.

Should you find a supplier, please return to this forum and post an update for all of us.

Good Luck

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What I did with our pull-down attic stair was to apply self-adhesive closed-cell foam weatherstrip around the edge where the door meets the frame.

What you can do in addition is to cut a piece of styrafoam rigid insulation board and slip it between your stairs and the door, if there is clearance. Mine has 3/4 inch clearance, so I can get in a healthy 1/2 inch piece. This may not seem like much, but rigid foam has much higher R-Values(Resistance to heat) per inch than fiberglass, (and also does not itch!). Let us know what fix you chose. Happy New Year
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Hi plank:

Now that's a neat and cleaver suggestion you got from Jack of all trades!

Thanks Jack...:-)

And plank, do post your update in this forum if you elect to use this trick. Post it right here so we all can learn.

Thanks to Jackofalltrades too!

Good Luck

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