Stopping condensation on dreyer vent pipe


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I am in the process of finishing my basement. I noticed that the metal dryer vent pipe has frost and condensation on it where it exits to the outside. It seems that this may eventually cause problems when I finish the ceiling. What is the best way to prevent this from becoming a problem later on?
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Does your dryer vent "hood" on the outside of the house have a flap in it that prevents air from flowing back into the pipe when the dryer isn't running? If it doesn't, cold air will back up into it and cause humidity in the house to condense on it. Once the pipe is above the ceiling, it won't be exposed to as much interior moisture so it shouldn't have so much condensation on it. You might consider using a piece of light gauge pvc pipe instead of the metal one too. Just a couple of ideas, I hope they help.
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Hello Brian G.

Another alternative, after you check the possibilities mentioned in the above posting, would be to change to plastic vent piping, if it's possible.

Also look for other avenues to exhaust the dryer. Often times builders use the quickest route to the exterior.

Good Luck

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