to insulate or not to insulate

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I have a home built in 1914 in south central Texas. The walls are of 2x4 studs, cypres exterior and 1x8 shiplap interior. I will be removing the 1x8 interior and installing 5/8 gypsum board soon. The studs are 24 feet, yes 24 feet, and run from floor to second floor attic without fire blocks. I fear that any insulation installed may become moist, being as that I am not going to remove the exterior to add a vapor barrier. So the question is ... really, do I need to insulate? Thank you in advance for your resposes.
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Hello: Kenneth Hart.

Your question is whether to insulate or not.
My first thought was YES! It always pays in the long run to make this home improvement.

Based on your posting statements, here are a few thoughts for your consideration:

This project, done as you want it, may require a professional insulation company.

You most likely will need to install some type of moisture barrier and possibly air vents somewhere.

There are other forms of insulations used besides the batting type. <Check with contractors, builders and chain hardware stores for the varities used in your area.>

The house was built in 1914, the type of construction, the climate zone your in, your desire NOT to remove the outside walls, how long you intend to live there, how much your willing to invest and how much of the work your willing to do yourself, among other things, etc.

I would suggest you install the fire breaks if you do intend to remove the walls. Check your local building codes too.

Request the advice of several insulation and building contractors for other ideas before starting this job.

Good Luck.

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That sounds like a worth while project. I would recommend, installing fire blocking, which is very easy to do, and then use double sided bat insulation. This is done alot. This type of insulation has the vapor
barrier on it. My question is why are you using 5/8" sheetrock. I would probably use 1/2" It is lighter to handle, cheaper to buy and does the same thing. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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The "balloon" framing method is rarely used nowadays, being surpassed by the "platfor" method.

Insulating is always recommended. Fire blocking is also, but only required by local code. In some areas the blocking is required at the 48" level on every wall. In others it must be at the 8' level on walls over 8 feet.
This is probably your call.

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