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Hi, I,m currently trying to bring a 1927
Farmhouse into the energy conservation age.
Existing construction is as follows (inside
to out) Wainscot/beadboard, Stud (balloon)
Pine clapboard,(original siding), Tar paper
/cement shingle(the vinyl of days gone bye).
After removing @ a ton of "rock wool" mixed w/ 70 sum years of accumulated dried mud from
dauber wasps I need to know can I now lay out
a poly vapor barrier (control heat/moisture
escape,Prevent future debris drop through ceiling beadboard joints)followed by R-19
(attic joists are real 2x4's)and then floor
over w/ 1/2" ply for storage space?
As for the vertical walls it's too much work to replace them and we like the charm of the beadboard I'd like to go with an expanding
foam fill rather than blow in (again moisture/heat control) if I can locate a contractor. As an alternative how much thermal efficiency would I gain to wallover
w/ imitation wainscot panelling?
Any input greatly appreciated,
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R-19 is meant for a 5 1/2" wall cavity. Not 4". R-13 is the modern day replacement for R-11. I would recommend it. The VBL is a nice touch.

You are smart to hire out the high expansion urea foam application. Maybe you read an earlier post by me on that issue?

Are you talking about covering existing wainscot with another layer?

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