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I am attempting to convert my large attic to an insulated storage room,and would like to insulate the walls and ceilings. My problem is that I do not want to have the unfaced fiberglass exposed but if I leave the paper side exposed I am creating a fire hazzard. It would be extremely difficult to cover the insulation with drywall. I am hoping to find a product which can be stapled between the studs and rafters, does not have the fiberglass exposed and is fireproof. I need R11 in the walls, and R19 in the ceilings.I live in southern Florida. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks Dick
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I understand your concern about having the facing exposed, but why would you consider it a fire hazard?

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Just buy faced insulation that has a high fire rating. In fact take a small piece of insulation faced, and try to burn it. go astep further and put some lighter fluid on it and light it. Your house will burn down before your insulation burns up.

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