Vermiculite,do I need to be concerned?


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After watching TV,on Grace minning in Libby
Montana , Iam now informed that pour in vermiculite insulation may have abestoes in it. well I have been gutting an old house, and in the attic, is what looks like vermiculite
poured in, covered with cellouse insulation.
I do not know if this stuff is a health risk to me or not? Where can I find more info on
this matter? Thanks
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You would need to call for an asbestos inspection. It is not cheap, but they will tell you whether it is present or not.

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An asbestos test is really not very expensive. I guess it depends on where you live. I have them done for $90.00. Look in your yellow pages under TESTING LABROTORIES.
If you can't fine one, call a Real Estate Broker, and they will tell you one to call.
They will have a list. I saw the Grace mine segment also. I have been telling people this for years, but you know how that goes.
That is bad S---(stuff). Good Luck

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