Insulation Makes me itch


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I do alot of crawling under houses, what is the best why to keep the stuff off from getting into the skin, and what is the best why to get it washed out of the skin?

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You'll find a tip to help wash it out at

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I either put Ponds Skin Cream or Jergens Skin cream on my arms before I get into insulation. It coats my skin, and keeps the itches out. Then before I wash up, I wipe my hands and arms off with paper towels, then wash. It really helps me.
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I apply a thick coat of baby powders to my skin before messing with insulation. The baby powders will fill the pores and will wash out when you wash yourself off. Also, take a hot shower immedately after messing with insulation to re-open the pores and release the fiberglass. Always,Always wear some type of approved mask for fiberglass. I know it sucks wearing a mask, but its better than coughing for 2 to 3 days.

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