insulate/ventilate attic w/ closed cornice constr.


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My house is a 75-year old, 1000 sq. ft. cottage located on the eastern plains of Colorado. It has a gable roof with the closed cornice type of construction where the roof ends at the wall. The attic is uninsulated and ventilated just under the eaves. It gets pretty hot up there in the summer. How do I insulate and ventilate? Most how-to books and videos show attic floor insulation with a gap where the joists meet the rafters to allow ventilation from the soffits. My house doesn't have soffits.
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It sounds like you need to install roof vents of some kind. Do this before you insulate the ceiling joists.

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If I put vents on the roof to let the hot air out of the attic, where will the cool air come into the attic from? Also, when I insulate, should I put the batts right up against the roof since there is no soffit ventilation to worry about blocking?

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