what are basic insulation costs?


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what are the basic insulation costs per sq.ft.for ceilings,walls and crawl spaces?
Contractors don't seem to want to give out this information until they have your complete history, phone #, location of the house(you haven't even built yet)etc.Whats the big secret?
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What kind (and "R" value) of insulation? Installing it yourself or having it done by a pro? New construction, or remodel?
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They can't tell you what somethinig will cost like this without seeing it first. Even if it is just a plan, they need to see something.

Insulation is sold by the square foot. It is usually installed by the square foot too.

The labor costs adjust depending on how "cut up" the building is.

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There is no big secret. Look at it like this. Your car quits, and you call a mechanic on the phone and ask him how much it costs to fix it. He can't tell you until he sees it. Insulation and other construction for that fact is just like that.
Every home owner has to not only follow the code, but may have special wants in their home for insulation. That is why they want information. They do not want to give you the wrong answer. For instance, you say you want a R-13 value. Now do you want faced, unfaced, cello wrapped, blown in, or sheets of insulation. All these change the costs.
They do not want to give you the wrong answer. I hope this helps.

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