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I have a 36 yr old 1400sf home in Central Florida.

It has 1" to 3" of blown fiberglass. I am going to have more loose fill insulation installed to come to the R30 recommendation.

A couple of questions:
Cellulose or Fiberglass? Everyone says something different. Any comments?

The attic has some soffit vent but not the recommended sq feet. There is not way for the hot (as it rises) to escape. There are no gable, turbine or roof vents. Should I install gable vents with or without a thermastat controld fan to let the hot air out of the attic? At this time some of our vents product condensation since the temperature is vastly differenct between the interior and attic.

Thanks for your help!


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R-30 is R-30 in my book. Whatever is less costly is the way I would choose.

The very second that you cut your hole for a gable vent you will feel a gust of very warm air escape from your attic. I believe that the convected heat will escape on it's own accord. Make sure to put a vent on both gables.

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