Big Hole in the Ceiling!


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My husband has just torn a hole in our ceiling to install insulation. Could someone tell us what materials we will need and the directions for how to fix this eye sore. The hole is around 2 ft. x 2ft. square and there is nothing behind it because the hole opened up right into the attic.

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Didn't you have any other access to your attic for insulation installation? Tearing a hole in the ceiling? In any case, assuming that you have plain, flat sheetrock ceiling, you will need to cut opening back to center of nearest rafters and put in 2X6's across the opening between rafters to form a square or rectangle to screw sheetrock to. Once 1/2" sheetrock is screwed into place with drywall screws every 6 inches, you will need to mud and tape the seams, sanding between 3 coats until it is smooth. Prime and paint. You will probably have to paint the entire ceiling to make it blend in and look good again. Good Luck!

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