air exchange for in floor radiant heated home


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We live in the midwest where moisture and condensation are a concern. We are installing in floor radint heat and will use wood stove for back-up heat source. Since there will not be a forced air furnace, what method should we use for fresh air exchange and moisture and condensation control?
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There are three basic types of ventillation systems. "Exhaust only".Air is mechanically removed from the house using one or more fans. This creates a negative pressure within the house. This would require replacement air to enter the house via a window or through cracks in the building envelope. During winter months this air is cold & can cause your heating system to work harder to keep a constant temperature. A Supply- Only system pushes air into the house causing a positive pressure forcing air out of the home through cracks & openings. This has the potential to create condensation within the wall cavity. The "Balanced Supply Exhaust System" draws in an equall amount of air which it expells from the house as well as tempers the incoming air with latent heat from the out going air. This system requires its own duct work. If central air is in the plans this duct work could be shared.Find the money in the budget for the balanced system. The benifits to air tight house and your health are worth the investment.

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