Insulating around heating vents/ducts


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I have a section of drywall from an interior eave that is exposed to an uninsulated section of the attic. Insulated ducts lead into the drywall from the attic, but the actual vents are not insulated. Can I use paper faced insulation to cover the exposed drywall and around the vents? Parts of it will have to touch the vents. I see all the flammable warnings on the insulation, but if there is no open flame source near the insulation, how dangerous is it? Does it matter which side the paper faces? Thanks for your help!
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In the addition I'm doing here in So.Calif, the inspector made us build a barrier around the vent pipe for the (nat. gas) wall heater. He said "at least" six-inches away from the pipe; I've built the barrier considerably farther from the vent pipe due to the gas pipe and a 2x6 upright being in the way. I hope he "buys" that.

As for ducts (that carry heated/ac'd air to other rooms), I haven't had to deal with that, but since the temp's are a lot lower than those expected from vent pipes, the answer is probably different. Hopefully, someone else can give you a better answer.

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