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I'm in the process of having a new home built. I'm not sure what the R-Value is for the batts of insulation that the contractor is going to use, but I was planning on going behind them and putting in another layer of batts on top of what they put in. I'm sure they will use the cheapest insulation to meet the bare minimum of code. The only part of my house that is plywood(on the exterior walls) are the four corners of the house. Everything else is 2 x 4's 16" o.c. with a piece of 3/4" r-board over them. The r-Board, or entire house has been wrapped with one layer of tyvek. From their they are going to put up the vinyl sidding. Pretty cheap Huh? Any recommendations on what I should install?

Also, I am finishing my basement myself. I will dry wall the walls and ceiling. In my ceilings I have duct work for heating and A/C, plumbing, and gas lines. My question is do I insulate over all of this with Batts? Does the duct work get too hot and will this cause a fire? I have never insulated before and I don't know if I just stay away from the duct work, plumbing, electrical, gas etc.. or do I cover it?

Finally, how do you feel about visqueen over the finished insulation. I was told by my G.C. they don't like to use it because the house needs to breathe and if they put visqueen up it won't breathe which will cause me huge problems in a couple of years. I also had a framer tell me that if I want to make sure that I have done my insulation properly that I had better put visqueen up over all the walls. What do you reccommend? Any help ? Tips that you can give me on this subject will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.
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DO NOT put in an additional layer of insulation over whatever they install. Insulation works on loft not compression, just like goose down. If they use R-13, that's as good as it gets in a 2x4 wall. If they used 3/4" R-board you are lucky. 1/2" is normal. They are not doing anything unusual in my opinion. The fact that they put up a layer of Tyvek is a value added bonus to you!!!

I would recommed installing a drop ceiling rather than sheetrock. If you have to access any of the utilities, you'll tear out your work to get to them. A drop ceiling would allow you to remove a few tiles and replace them when you are done.

What is your purpose for insulating the ceiling? Energy or sound proofing?

If they are using Tyvek house wrap. You will not need the visqueen. The Tyvek serves as your vapor barrier.

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Batt-Boy: You are acting like a normal person having a house built. I have built over 3000 and I can tell you if what you say is correct, they are building it exactly right. Extra bonus with tyvak. No not listen to a framer. Framers are framers, and are not builders. you would not believe the problems that framers have gotten home owners into while building. No visquine when using tyvak.

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