For Allan or anyone: Attic insulation


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We have a 1952 house that has granular insulation throughout the attic floor. Looks like cat litter, and dusty. Is this Perlite? We want to put more insulation (fiberglass) on top of it after sealing all the air passages from the 1st floor heat runs, pipes, wires, etc. What type of fg insulation? Foil faced? Paper faced? No face? And, how thick? And, bats or rolled?
What about the white wooly stuff? Is that better?

Thanks for answering.
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Hey Jim. I would opt to having the existing insulation topped up with a blown-in product rather than batt insul.. A reminder to install some sort of baffle where the rafter meets the exterior wall to allow air to enter the attic space & a ridge vent to allow it to exit.
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I agree with Allan. have the extra insulation blown in, and let a pro do it. It may cost you all of $200 more than adding the fiberglass yourself, but YOU don't have to spend days crawling around in the attic!!

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