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There is a pipe in our crawl space that our inspector said was covered with asbestos insulation. He recommended that we cover it so that the asbestos would not be disturbed. Is this something I can do myself? Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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There is only one concern about asbestos. Dust. Cover it or wet it down and remove it.
Or call an asbestos abatement contractor, only a licensed one. Don't be overly alarmed by the hype about asbestos. Just it being ther will harm nothing. Let it become dust and you have a problem, but then most dust, in extreme amounts is a problem.
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What can be done with an asbestos covered pipe may depend on what that pipe is used for. Most likely it's a vent pipe from a gas fired appliance, like a furnace.

In that case, if it's not disintegrating, best to leave it alone.

If it has to be removed or replaced, best to contact a pro. It's not that you can't remove it as Eddie stated, handling it properly afte removal becomes a problem.

In every state i am aware of, asbestos cannot be discarded in with the normal trash. Asbestos is considered to be a hazardous material.

Improper handling of this stuff can cost you plently in fines, fee's and in some areas court costs. Best to hire a pro if needed.

Good Luck,
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No one has really answered your question have they. I usually wrap them in plastic. I take the large black garbage bags, wrap them around the pipe, and then wrap duct tape around them. This will last just about forever.
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I worked as an asbestos remover for a time and Jack is's not only dangerous to remove asbestos without training, in most states, it's illegal! You can use the plastic or you can use a sealant. Wash the insulation very gently with a WET rag to remove dust.When dry, spray with poloyurethane available in spray cans at most paint and hardware stores. remember the danger of asbestos is the release of tiny fibres into the air. This sealing prevents that.

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