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We are redoing a finished basement and we like to do it as frugally as possible. It gets very cold down there and we'd like to find out if there is a way to insulate without tearing out all the sheetrock.Behind the sheetrock there is white styrofoam, what we were wondering is can we take a small section out of the sheetrock (top)and fill with blow in type of insulation... or will this cause moisture? If this can't be done is there any suggestions?
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In order for your question to be answered you need to include more information.Is it a FULL foundation?How much is back-filled?How much space is left in the cavities besides the styrofoam?
Styrofoam(or other foamboards)are used in basements because they are impervious to moisture which would ruin standard insulations.Usually,with the back-fill also acting as an insulation,the foamboard works well.(if properly installed) The cost of blowing in more,asuming there is room,would not be a "frugal" decision as much of the cost is labor and not material.Check and see if there is air entering somewhere.Also make sure the door to the outside is an insulated exterior door and that the weatherstripping is good.Check the windows too.Standard basement windows are not conservation friendly.Do you have a heat source to the basement?If your pipes and ducts are insulated you may not be losing enough heat off the furnace to heat the basement.You may need a separate heat source.I hope this helps.You can e-mail me if you have more questions about this.

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