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We are finishing off our basement and putting the guest bedroom directly under the kitchen. What's the best way to insulate around pipes in the ceiling and walls to eliminated as much noise as possible?
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This is going to be somewhat ambiguous,but here goes.
The"best" way is to blow cellulose in the ceiling cavity to insulate against sound transmission between floors,but you have a couple of challenges.First I don't think that I have ever seen a basement where all pipes and things have been between the joists,many are lower and in the way.Second,if you did fill the cavities and you have a pipe leak it would be a mess and extremely difficult to repair.My suggestion?
Install a dropped ceiling at the lowest comfortable height and use the thickest accoustcal tile that will fit.You can even buy special tile from accoustical companies(check the internet under soundproofing)but they are expensive.Covering the pipes themselves with pipe insulation may help some too.
Good Luck!

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