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I have two layers of fiberglass mating in attic between joists. I would like to possibly blow in some more--is it a problem to insulate the area over my soffit vents? I think the fiberglass extends back in there but can't tell--would be hard to get insulation back there. Also, have pull down steps--major heat loss here--how can I insulate this area--or can I eliminate it (seal off) is this ok for codes?
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If you opt to place additional insulation in the attic, DO NOT block the soffits. Allow sufficient channels to allow air to enter the attic space via the soffits and exit via roof vents. If there are no roof vents, have them installed.
If you cannot insulate the hatch of the attic access, at least apply weather stripping around its perimeter to stop heat loss.
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What Allan is telling you is correct. You don't want to block off the soffit vents, and you do want to add roof or gable vents if necessary to acheive proper ventalation. As far as the pull-down stair access, I would eliminate it. It's not like it's something you use every day or even once a week, I'm sure. Box in 22" X 30" cover of sheetrock that you can attach R-30 or R-38 fiberglass to in it's place and you're insulated.

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