Cellar Floor insulation?


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Question Cellar Floor insulation?

I just bought a 3 family home in mass.The woman on the first floor asked if I could insulate the floor to help her with her heating cost.The floor joists are basically wide open.What do you recomend using.Do I use foil faced insulation,as people are
walking,etc in cellar?What rating?It is only to help prevent her heat loss.Do I need to staple it in place?Thanks.
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Floor insulation rating?

Hi, What rating insulation should I use for the floor in the above
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Whether you use kraft or foil faced insulation is of very little consequence -- that facing goes UP when are installing it in the floor joists -- towards the conditioned area! Use lightning rods or a fiberglass mesh to hold it in place.

You have two posts in this forum, and neither of them, if you go ahead with these items, are going to have a really noticable affect on her utility bill. (The floor insulation WILL save more than wrapping the water heater.) You want to save her some real money?? Look at the windows. Depending on what they presently are, retrofitting them with vinyls, with low-E glass, could knock 25% to 30% off of her heating and cooling bills. Attic insulation -- again, depending on what is there, could knock another 20% to 30% off of the bill.

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