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Energy savings?

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10-27-02, 11:51 AM   #1  
Energy savings?

I just bought a 3 family home in mass.We have very cold winters.
The 1st floor tennant asked if anything can be done to lower her
gas/heating bill?
The previous owner just installed a new 30 gal hot water heater (town gas).
How much does insulating the water heater or pipes help?Is it worth the cost?
Also I never insulated a gas hot water heater before,Whats the procedure?Thanks

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10-27-02, 03:50 PM   #2  
A family that uses a lot of hot water in reality only uses hot water 2 hours a day. For example, people say they use how water to wash their clothes, but it only takes a few minutes to fill the washer with it. What this means is 22 hours a day the water heater just maintains the temperature of the water and there is a cost associated with doing that, which is known as stand-by losses.

What water heater jackets do is reduce the stand-by losses by maintaining the temperature of the water longer. In other words, the gas has to come on less frequently when a insulation jacket is present. This same principle applies to pipe insulation.

With gas water heaters there are instructions on how to apply the insulation, it comes with the insulation. There are 3 concerns with its application.

1. Do not cover the top of the water because of the draft diverter.

2. Do not cover the bottom of the water because it might prohibit air from getting to the burner.

3. If on the side of the water heater there is a pressure relief valve, do not cover the valve.

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11-08-02, 06:13 PM   #3  
Water heater cover for GAS water heater

The very little money it saves isn't worth the potential fire hazard it creates with a GAS water heater.
Too many airflow/burner issues.
With electric insulate till your heart is content.
The best bet to help with heating bills is to make sure to seal air leaks around windows, doors, plumbing fixtures or anywhere else you can feel a draft coming in.
Also those inside window film kits work well for the price.

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