Adding insulation??


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Question Adding insulation??

I have (2 inch thick batts) Balsa wool insulation stapled along my attic trusses (there is air space below the balsa wool batts). There is about 4 inches of blowen insulation over that. I need to add more and I'm concerned that the basla wool batts are tearing and not providing a good vapor barrier. I have no moisture problems right now. Should I remove the Balsa wool and lay faced Fg and then put the old stuff back on top? What is the best method considering all the old insulation already up there?

The house is 1.5 story, brick, built 1939
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Add more unfaced batts of insulation over what is there.
Good Luck!
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Is adding unfaced FG superior over adding more blowen?

I live in Michigan

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Adding insulation

Go to for information about insulation. You can calculate the necessary R-value for your ZIP.
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Adding more FG or similar will give you minimum results. You can install a two layer radiant barrier over the existing and you will not have to worry about a VB.

Check (866 290 1010) about a insulating paint addiitve and paint ht einside of the exterior walls. You can make this an energy efficient house.

Thank you for considering my opinion.

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