crawl space insulating.


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crawl space insulating.

We are redoing our kitchen. The house was built in 1850 and half the kitchen is over a crawl space (current floor temp is 45-54 degrees) We live in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. We have torn up th floor and installed all new joist and subflooring which is screwed down. Here is what I would like to do...undo the screws, lift the floor, attach insulation to the studs just as though it were an outside wall. Would that work? The crawl space gradually opens up to a dirt basement where the furnace and HW heater are.
Thanks for your input.
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Sounds great.
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Check some of the other posts out, too, about insulating floors over crawl spaces. You should eventually bite the bullet and get down in the crawlspace to put plastic sheeting down over the exposes dirt to minimize moisture infiltration into the insulation. Baaaad, baaad, job, but you need to do it with exposed dirt crawlspace floors.

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platic sheeting

I had decided at one point to have it done and got a quote of $1000 to lay the plastic. I was amazed at the price for less than 2000 square feet of plastic. I had guessed $250 - $300, tops.
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crawl way

It cant be to bad of a job to work the crawl way with the floor up. Id do it now on this part of the home. get a 6 mil poly and put it down on the ground over lap it about 12" duct tape the seams. Cut and fit polystyrene up the walls. Then cut out of R 19 FG blocks and put them in the joist space just on the sill plate all around the home. put the floor down and you got it.Boy that $$$$ to have it put in is way way off from what we get ED
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The best way I have found to insulate crawl spaces is to install 4 mill VB on side walls and double 4 mil, crossed on floor. Install a thin type radiant barrier on side walls. This will prevent condensation or frozen pipes and will be more efficient than between the joists.

If you want a drawing of how to do this e mail me your address and I will send the drawing and a sample of the type of material to use. You can probably get the material locally.

Thank you for considering my opinion.

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