Basement ceiling insulation


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Basement ceiling insulation

I'm finishing my basement and plan on putting R19 insulation in the ceiling between joists primarily for sound proofing. I'll be drywalling the ceiling. My question deals with the metal ductwork that runs between some joist (these are supply ducts), can I put the R19 directly in contact with the ductwork or is this a fire hazzard? I have a gas furnace and the ductwork gets warm.
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Yes, you can put the insulation up against the ductwork and is not a fire hazard. The insulation however cannot be exposed and must be covered with a fire rated material like sheet rock or similar ceiling materials. Exposed insulation is considered a fire hazard, if the basement is being used. If you don't intend to use the basement for either a workshop or family room, then you don't have to cover the insulation, except near your furnace and/or water heater.
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Insulating basement Ceiling

I'm hearing conflicting rules for insulating my basement ceiling. I have a Cape style house with an unfinished basement. I want to start fixing it up and thought the ceiling was best place to start. There is already insulation stuffed in the eave parts but none between the joists. Should I insulate the ceiling even though I heat it in the winter months with a wood stove cause I work down there? Will insulating the ceiling prevent the heating of my upstairs floors? You can really feel it heating the tiles in the kitchen. I want to sheetrock the basement ceiling eventually. And another dumb question....does the vapor barrier face up towards the first floor or down into the basement?

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