vermeculite insulation dangers


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vermeculite insulation dangers

I have been hearing bad things about an insulation that they used back in the 50's, called vermeculite. It is dangerous, in that it contains asbestos particles.
What is the best way to have this material tested, and/or removed, or is it just better left un-disturbed?
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Not all vermiculite insulation has asbestos in it, but a lot of it did. There is a vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana where a lot of vermiculite came from that does have significant amounts of asbestos in it. A vermiculite insulation product called Zonolite manufactured by WR Grace was made from the Libby vermiculite, and does have asbestos in it. This product was manufactured and available to consumers as an off-the-shelf DIY insulation product up through the 1980s. The mine was finally closed about 1990.

Best course of action - leave it alone, if possible. If not possible, have it tested.

Do a google search on zonolite insulation and read all about the lawsuits against the company, the on-going litigation, and how the company and the government kept (or, allegedly may have conspired to keep) this problem a secret for too long. Grace is now in bankruptcy proceedings due to asbestos litigation.

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