Asbestos Pipe Insulation


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Asbestos Pipe Insulation

Hello folks;
I have a house that was built in 1927 and utilized the old corrugated paper asbestos treated pipe insulation. Several years ago I wrapped the insulation with heavy dropcloth plastic, plastic tied the ends and duck taped closed the seams. And all was well with the world.
Recently, after having some renovation done to the house, I found that the plastic and underlying pipe insulation had received some heavy rips and gashes. Of course the renovator knows nothing as to how it happened (grrrrrrrr!). So far I have wet rag wiped down everything, mopped using copous amounts of water and even repainted the floor to try to encapsulate any remaining fibers. However, I feel that I may not have been successful in con\obtaining it all.
Here is my question. Is there a simple test that I can obtain, or perform, to determine if any dust has become free in my basement ? Similar to the Radon test kits. I would perfer to do this myself as some local asbestos cointainment people have been charging ridiculous amounts of USD for tests that usually end in their recommendation that you require their service.
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Posts: 1,873 This site will address every concern you have with abestos pipe insulation in your home and there are experts that you can Email that will answer any concern you may have with abestos in the air.

Now as not to diminish your concern about abestos, this site clearly states not to panic. The levels of exposure to you and your family is minimal. To put this in perpective, you are exposed to 10,000 more times of abestos airborne particles every time you roll down your window to pay a toll.

The EPA recognized this and banned abestos disc brake pads. The EPA decided to research to find an alternative to abestos disc pads and the findings were that any alternative to abestos would be as bad or worse than abestos. The report recommended banning disc brakes and using drum brakes. Technology existed at that time that would make drum brakes more effective and better than disc brakes. This occurred under the Reagan Administration and the car manufacturers stated it was bad for business to pass a law banning disc brakes. So no federal law exist protecting the public from airborne abestos particles.

Thinking ahead, the car manufacturers realized the potential for class action suits and put their efforts together and gained support from other industries to influence the selection of federal judges in this country since the Reagan Administration. These judges had to show support for tort reform and limiting settlement amounts.

If this interest you, search the web for US federal judges appointed under the Reagan, Bush and Bush Administrations and compare that with the number appointed under Clinton Administration. If you do a little research, you'll see that the vast majority of Clinton's nominees didn't even make it out of commitee. They weren't even given a hearing.
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Wow. Lighten up on the politics.

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