Garage attic insulation


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Garage attic insulation

Any tips on garage attic insulation?
I plan on using roll insulation between the floor joists with the vapor barried facing the drywall ceiling. I don't plan to put anything on the roof rafters.

Also, there are some "unreachable " spots on the attic floor so those places would not be insulated. Attic is well ventilated.

Garage is attached to house but is not heated. Primary objective of insulation is because of heat in summer. Winter cold is not a problem.

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Because the garage is unheated it doesn't matter if you use a vapor barrier or not. I would recommend cellulose loose fill insulation. The reasons for this is that it's less expensive, easier to install, more R-value per inch and you can get to those hard to reach areas. You don't have to have it blown-in, you can install it yourself. Cellulose comes in bags and it gives you the coverage area per bag. Rip the bag open over the area you want to install and dump. Use a board or rake to level the insulation. Goes real fast.

You can usually buy bags of insulation at tool rental stores. Just call the tool rental stores near you and ask if the have the equipment for blowing in insulation. If they do, they sell bags of cellulose.
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resercon makes a good case for cellulose insulation and it can be installed as he has stated. I prefer yo use the fiberglass stuff, not as messy IMO & gives good r-avlue, a bit more pricey though.

Something to keep in mind, ask where you buy it if they have rental of a portable blow in machine. In my area there are 1 or 2 places that let you use the blower for free if you purchase the insulation from them. I believe some of the big box locations also rent them for a nominal fee..

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