2 X 4 Studs


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2 X 4 Studs

Over the weekend I removed a section of the ceiling upstairs.

Our house was built in the late 30's, no insulation anywhere upstairs, 2 X 4 stud construction for the rafters, approx. 24" on center, with 2 bedrooms up there in which we sleep in one & the other is used for storage. We live in MI. which calls for an R-49.

I would REALLY like to vault the ceiling over the bedroom we occupy, but am not sure how to go about insulating.

Do we have to meet the R-49 rating??? With the 2 X 4 studs, there's not enough depth for that.

It's my understanding that blown in will give a better R value. Is that true??? We can do that ourselves as we have done that already to downstairs walls.

I have done some research & checked your archives but nothing regarding 2 X 4 studs. I did read that the studs could be made deeper by adding more wood. How would I accomplish this???

I have also thought about just raising the ceiling without vaulting it. Would it be easier to insulate that way???

Any advice or other websites would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx ahead of time.
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2 X 4 Studs

You can scab on to the existing rafters. This can be done by nailing to your current rafters with say 2x6's. That would give you more depth for thicker insulation.

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