Should blown fiberglass have settled?


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Question Should blown fiberglass have settled?

We have a new house that is just under 2 years old. Our contract called for R-48 in the attic, and blown fiberglass was used. I read that this should be about 20-21 inches. We recently had some electrical work done in the attic, and we noticed that it didn't look like we had 20-21 inches of insulation, and it looked higher on the outside edges. We took some measurements today and discovered that we have an average of 14.5 inches, and the actual depth ranges from 12 to 19 inches. Our scuttle opening is 11 inches high, so certainly we can't have 20 inches near the opening.

Should our insulation have settled that much, or do we need to contact the builder to make it the correct depth throughout?

Also, should our scuttle opening be at least 20 inches high so that the insulation can be the proper depth near the opening?

Thanks much!
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I'd say it should not have settle that much. So I'd say the answer to both of your questions is yes.
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Thank you. Hopefully it won't be a struggle to get the builder to take care of this. I'm assuming they paid the insulation folks for R-48, so the builder should be interested in knowing that they didn't get what they paid for either.

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