Blow cellulose in wall from bottom?


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Blow cellulose in wall from bottom?

When blowing cellulose insulation into walls of an existing house, is it blown in from the bottom or from the top of the stud cavity? Or some combination?
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If you're talking about where you'd just cut plugs out in a retro job, it would have to done from the top of the stud cavity and gravity does the rest for you.

Big outfits that do new construction, spray it in from the bottom up, the good ones then staple a sheet of sheer fabric over the walls, which prevents 1/2 of it from being knocked out of the stud cavities until the drywall is hung. Other places don't do this & you end up with pouches full of the junk when you're hanging the board.
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Dense packing

This method of installing cellulose in walls is mostly applied from the bottom of the stud cavity.

A more common method is blown-in at different points in the wall cavity. In a balloon construction house, the method of application is basically the same as blown-in except that it is usually done from the top of the stud cavity.

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