rearranging insulation in attic crawlspace


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rearranging insulation in attic crawlspace

I've seen some similar posts here, but I'm looking for some additonal info. We have a house (capecod, I guess) where the roofline is part of the bedroom ceilings, much like this drawing posted in an earlier question: [thanks, dvarga]

The previous owner placed insulation against the roof in the triangular attic space between two dormer windows. I would like to move the insulation to the knee walls, and I guess to the floor of this area. My question is about how to insulate the attic floors in this area. I'd like to be able to use this area for storage, walk around, etc. Do I need to:

(A) rip up the floor to place insulation under it (the floor in this attic area is the same as the subfloor throughout the 2nd story, diaganal 1x6s or 2x6s), or is it easier/better to

(B) place insullation ON the floor, and build up a new floor over the insulation? the floor area is probably 12'x 4'. or should I

(C) not worry about the floor area, and just insulate the knee walls only.

Thanks! Andy
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To answer your question, you would want the area under the attic floorboards insulated solely for the reason it's probably above a living space in your house. If thats the case, you'll need to open up the floor and use rolled insulation with a vapor barrier facing down towards the living space below.

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