Dormer Insulation


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Dormer Insulation


I have a cape that has a finished dormer on one side of the house, storage on the other.
On the storage side, the insulation is falling apart and does not seem very effective (house is over 50 years old).

Question is, what insulation should I replace with?
- RValue?
- Is Encapsulated OK? (seems that it would be better to work with)
- If encapsulated, is it OK to cut in order to get the right size?
- What tool is best for cutting?

As you can tell, I have never insulated before. . .

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Here's a link to DOE's Insulation fact sheet I think it's called.
From there you can set your specfics as to location, heating type, etc to determine what is the proper amount & type for every area in your home.

As to tools, a sharp utility knife, straightedge, stapler, good idea to wear long sleeves. Mask if you're using blow-in, but don't think that applies here. For a dormer, I'd think you'd want to go with faced fiberglass. When insulating attics, need to keep ventilation in mind, an unvented attic will burn up a shingle roof long before it's time. Hope that helps.

BTW, interesting screenname you've got!

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