Weather Proofing Question


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Weather Proofing Question

I need to fill a hole in the wall left by a large AC unit which has been removed. On the outside of the building is a metal grate. I need to know how to weather proof this so that I can put insulation and sheetrock over it and forget about it.

Would taping some sort of plastic sheeting over the grate be sufficient?

I was thinking I could tape the plastic sheeting over the grate, and then install my insulation - I have a large foam block for this purpose, and then drywall, and be done. Is it this simple? And if so, what type of plastic sheeting should I get?

Thanks in advance!
The Mule
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All siding systems are water shedding systems, even brick, not water proof systems. This is where you have to be careful in what you do to this area. You do not want to trap water behind the siding material. The lentil for brick or the flashing for other types of siding above the opening is shaped like an "L". It is shaped like that to allow for water that manage to get behind the siding above the opening to drain. So whatever you decide to do, it must not impede this function of the siding.

Putting plastic over the grate will not last long exposed to the elements, at most it is a temporary measure.

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