Brown side up in attic can i reuse it


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Brown side up in attic can i reuse it

Ok another project - recently purchased a 2 family home and haven't ventured in to attic - but an inspector and roofer have told me paper side is up - and the insulation is inadequate (I'm thinking less then 19)

Any way - can I just turn the insulation over reuse it and blow in the recommended amount? I have baffles for venting and just had a new roof w/ ridge vent installed - so I'm thinking (hoping) ventilation is adequate.

I'd like to install blown in as the cost for these 2 units as well as my own home would be much cheaper then rolls of insualtion.
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First check if the vapor barrier is installed wrong. Years ago a manufacturer came up with a product that had paper on both sides of the insulation. One side had a tar substance on the back and the other side did not. The side with the tar substance is the vapor barrier, the other is not. So check both side of the insulation. Chances are the insulation is installed correctly and if this is the case, then all you have to do is blow insulation on top of it.

If for some reason someone installed the insulation backwards with the vapor barrier facing upwards in the attic, you must still check the other side to see if there is a tar substance on that side. Believe or not in cases like these I have found some insulation installed correctly and some not. So do not assume that the vapor barrier was installed correctly throughout the attic if you do not find the tar substance under a section in the attic.

If it is installed incorrectly, you can just flip it over and reuse it. If you find that neither side has the tar substance, you can still blow insulation over it. The several layers of paint on the ceilings in the rooms below the insulation will work well as your vapor barrier.

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