Insulating a room over a garage


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Insulating a room over a garage

I am redoing a bedroom over a garage that is very cold.
It has already been finished but is very cold compared to the
rest of the house.

When I was examining the closet, I noticed cold air leaking from
the bottom of the closet. When I removed the old closet drywall
I found the closet went all the way back to an exterior wall.
Apparently only a small portion of the closet space was used
due to the slope of the ceiling and the dormer window that it

There was old wet insulation in the cavity that had just been
layed over the exterior wall not stapled or sealed at all.
The interior wall of the closet also had old inuslation that I

I have another small wall on the other side of the room with the same situation.

I have to clean some of the mildew from the wall and celing and I am concerned about moisture problems again. I plan to drywall over the new insulation so the closet will extend all the way back to the exeterior wall and do the same thing for the other wall area on the other side of the room.

1. How should I reinsulate the exterior and adjoining interior wall.
should I use ufaced? with a vapor barrier or kraft faced??

2. I also want to reinsulate the celing exposed in both areas
with new insulation, so should the same method be used?

3. How can I ensure that moisture and water wont leak into the new insulation from the roof/celing. I dont see any noticable leaks but wonder how the old insulation got so damp and moldy.

help would be much appreciated.
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The whole thing sounds as there was no V/B to the room side .Is what Id say did this all to you. Make sure you let this all dry out good before you put any insulation back.One is as good as the other. We still put a V/B over the paper makes a better job to stop air and the moisture.

I dont get just what you have there on the ceiling. But yes you have to have a V /B to the room side . Also no insulation can touch the roof . You have to have air get over the insulation all the time there. There are foam rafter vents you can put up there then the insulation if it was going to hit the roof .

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re garage insulation

That makes sense to me.
I will definitely do all of that.

thank you for all your great help..

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