Condo Attic Insulation


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Condo Attic Insulation

I have a townhouse style condo and the upstairs seems to get considerably warm already in the spring. My concern is the summer, when it's really hot out, that the A/C wont be able to adequately cool the upstairs. I tend to like it really cool (i.e. 72 degrees or less). Would adding insulation in my attic space be of any advantage ? Currently there is no insulation on the roof and R19 between the joists.
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Insulation would help but is highly unlikely to produce the comfort level you wish to attain. What is more likely to attain the comfort levels you desire is balancing your system by adjusting your in-line duct dampers to compensate for the higher heat gain associated on the second level of the home.
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Does the attic have good vents in it now?? A power vent on a tstat will help a lot in the attic. Close down the registers just a little in the down stairs. Turn your fan to fan on so it runs all the time will help also. Keep a clean filter in it . every 30 to90 days. If the ac works right 72o will be to cold. Its the humidity you want to get out of the home. So like if it cools off for a day or two outside. Dont open the home up just keep the AC on all the time so the home will stay dry.


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