Crawl Space v/b and insulation questions


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Crawl Space v/b and insulation questions


Today I conquered my fear of my creepy crawlspace and actually went inside it.. (as you see, I survived!)..

Some things I noticed on my short visit was that it is very dirty in there. There is ductwork from a defunct boiler.. there are pieces of what used to be the kitchen floor in a heap.. there's wet spots from the leaky tub and washing machine.. (which will be dealt with very, very soon..)

What I didn't see was a complete vapor barrier. And barring the rotting pieces clinging to the pipes, there was no insulation either.

This past winter I had VERY high heating bills, and a VERY cold floor!! I would not like to repeat that next winter, so I know I have to take care of this now..

After reading similar posts on here, I'm just wondering what would be my best course of action. 75% of the crawl is dry. But there are those wet spots I mentioned. Can I even put in a v/b now, with it wet?? Should I insulate between the floor joists? Or should I insulate the walls of the crawl? (They do have vents that open and close..) I want to do what ever will be the safest (i.e not likely to cause mold) and keep us the warmest..

And, do I, as I imagine I do, need to clean all the junk out of there?? I can't imagine putting a v/b down over garbage..

Whatever I do, I'd like to do it myself, do it right, and do it soon before the smell gets unbearable.

At the same time, I'm working on correcting the causes of the water leaks.

Any suggestions as to the best course of action??
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Clean it out best you can. put 6 mil poly on the ground laap it 2' tape all seams up the wall some .A 2" or 3" polystyrene on the wall uo to the joist. A R-19 up there onn the sill plate all around the home close off all vents.


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