Insulating a bare garage


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Insulating a bare garage


I am creating a workshop in my garage. It has zero insulation on the walls and roof. The walls and roof are both open (studs and rafters all bare) and there is no roof vent. I live in the Houston, TX area, so heat and moisture are the major issues. I currently am running a dehumidifier and an air conditioner...which are constatly running because of the lack of insulation. I want to insulate the walls and roof. I am wondering what type of insulation, what R-value and what, if any, barriers I should put up. Also, if needed, where should the barriers go (against the outside walls before installing the insulation or on the inside walls after installing the insulation)? Not immediately, but at some point I will put wallboard over the walls, but I want to leave the roof open. Of course, I would be happy for any other information you may be able to give.

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Garage Insulation

Normally, garage insulation would go on the garage walls and the ceiling joists only.

The insulation used would be kraft paper faced fiberglass with the paper side going toward the workspace.

The attic rafters would not be insulated and the attic itself would need to be vented at the eaves and at the ridge to keep the attic cool(er) thru ventilation.

Recommended minimum ceiling insulation for Houston is R-30 and minimum for walls is R-13. To maximize air conditioning and heating efficiency you might consider at least an R 38 for the ceilings and R-25 for the walls, but depending upon how thick your current studs are may have to rely on more expensive foam insulations to meet the R-25 and still fit into the stud spaces.

There should be no other barriers of any type on the walls or ceilings of the garage except for the paper insulation on the fiberglass.

If the garage is attached to the house, any common walls or ceilings with the house' living space needs to be immediately covered with at least a 5/8ths 1 hour fire rated drywall and taped. If the garage is stand alone, there is no required fire rated drywall, but you still need to cover the insulation asap since the paper facing is a fire hazard.
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Thanks for the is truly appreciated. I am starting work in two weeks.

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