Sealing sliding glass doors


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Question Sealing sliding glass doors

Hi, This is my first posting so I ask that you please be gentle. We live in Clearwater Florida and just had a visit from Hurricane's Charlie and Frances. Whenever we get a driving rain such as the storms we just had we get water coming into our home from under the sliding glass doors. During regular rain storms we get by, by just stuffing towels and foam rubber pipe insulation into any gaps between the doors and the tracks. Frances was a different story. The water was gushing in as fast as we could bail it out. We were up at 3 in the morning trying to keep pace with the water to no avail. Our carpeting got soaked. I'm hoping someone has an idea as to how I might tackle this problem.
Thank you, sandkeyfred
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All manufacturers of sliding doors and windows test their products to withstand wind pressure driven rain. My advice would be to contact the manufacturer of the door, especially if it is a nationally known manufacturer, and expain your situation. In all likelihood, it is an installation problem that is prohibiting the door from closing tight enough to stop the rain from coming in.
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sealing sliding glass doors

Thank you for responding to my question. The doors that I'm referring to are about 22 years old and are the original doors when my condo was built. Almost all of the unit owners have the same problem when we get wind driven rain from a direction that hits the doors direct. I don't know if the name of the manufacturer is available. I'll have to check with our manager. I happen to be on the Board of Directors and we have discussed this problem at numerous meetings but no one ever considered contacting the manufacturer. I honestly don't know if they are still in business. I thank you again for your suggestion and hope that I succeed in getting in touch with them.

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