Insulation yes or no


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Insulation yes or no

I am looking to buy an old row home unit. I believe the unit was orginally an old trinity style unit, w/ three stories to the original structure. At the third floor (top level) bedroom, it appears that the former plaster board ceiling was removed at some point and a drop ceiling was installed. The roof above is on a slight pitch. I wanted to remove the drop and the insulation, clean up the roof rafters and sheeting (don't know if it is sheeting or planks) and leave it bare. Maybe stained or painted? What would removing the insulation do to the temperate controls in that room? Would it be a really drafty room, really hot in the summer and visa versa in the winter?

Any ideas would be great.

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Hot and cold.
Where are you?
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brutally hot and humid summers and bitter ice cold winters
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Living in the northeast, you betcha it's gonna be cold in the winter and hot in the summer if you expose the planking and/or sheathing and rafters. If you want this look you could insulate the roof. Most commercial buildings are done this way. The roofing is stripped away and rigid board insulation is laid over the planking or sheathing. Then the roofing is applied over the insulation.

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