Sound protection


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Sound protection

I have bought a house that is very noisy in some places.
Toilets fill up with a noise heard in all house. Shower is noisy too.
House is driveby so I hear some noise from the road.

Anybody has experience with reducing noise?
Specifically, can I use sound coat/sealant to cover pipes and walls in the areas where the pipes run?



So far I found some links to sound proof boars and sealers.

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Unless you are prepared to pay $1000s of dollars for soundproofing systems that require special metal channels and an extra layer of drywall on walls and ceilings and tearing out walls to coat plumbing, then there are not many options. Keeping stereo or TV on tends to buffer most household sounds. I have lived in many homes over the years and discovered that brick homes tend to reduce street noisy dramatically.

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