Insulating Crawlspace with wide joists


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Insulating Crawlspace with wide joists

I just purchased an older home that needs some updating. Included in that is insulating the crawlspace. The beams in the crawlspace that are supporting the house are 4x10 or 4x12 and there is 44 inches between each beam.

What is the best method to install insulation in this case? Most of the products come in a width of 15 or 23 inches.

Should I install 2 23"-wide insulation squeezed to the 44" and then zigzag wire to keep them both securely in place?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Sounds good to me if you don't think the extra material will cause a problem with the wires and your don't want to trim. Make sure you turn the vapor retarder side of material up toward the floor to prevent warm, humid air from entering crawl space area. Also, make sure you install vapor retarder over soil in crawl space area. Make sure crawl space is adequately ventilated with no dead air spaces.
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wide joist spacing

Thanks for the reply twelvepole.

There is new vapor barrier (less than 6 months old) and the vents are all unobstructed - and no dead spaces.

I think that cutting the 2 inches will be more of a hassle than it is worth -but I suppose I might change me mind after I get started.

Thanks again.
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I have the same issue. But I am conerned with animals using the insulation for nesting. What insulation type is best from keeping mice from starting a family in the insulation?
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I think the first thing that you would want to do with animals is to prevent them from gaining access.

Depending on how you feel about their well-being, you can double up on keeping them out---

Or stop them permanently once they getting it with any of the variety of pest control devices.

While I was down insulating my water pipes over the weekend I notice that the electric cable running to the stove was chewed on in 2 different locations.

Rather than worry about rodents like or dislike -- I will make sure the vents are securely screened and then as a backup some Rid or some other tasty treat.

Can rats catch on fire from chewing into a high voltage line? Under my house I would not have liked to find out.

My 2 cents.

Good luck with your insulating. In my area (Seattle), Lowes has a $75 rebate off of $250 of pink panther insulation. You might want to check near you.
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Take and go to

We seal the crawl way up poly on the ground insulation on the walls all vents sealed up. Works very good. Have had to go and pull out so many where they put insulation in the joist all I can say is dont do it


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