Do i need insulation?


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Do i need insulation?

I bought a house built in the 1930's and i am remodeling the kitchen. I have pulled off the plaster and the lathe on part of one of the exterior walls and noticed there was no insulation. I really don't want to pull out the whole wall (just the part where i will replace it with tile) so is there a way to insulate (if needed) without ripping the wall down completely? Would a blower work? I no absolutely nothing about insulation and the different kinds there are.
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Try this site. It will give you an idea about blowing in insulation and the concerns with it.
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Hello: patbsn

The web site provided by resercon is excellent and will help.
Whether you need insulation or not depends upon climate zone and other factors. Insulation in any area of the country is always a good idea. Costs vary and have to be considered into the good idea equation also.

The question to you is, do you intended to only insulate that one wall or all exterior walls? If all the walls, insulating them using blown in insulation and the methods used can be rather difficult and very time consuming.

If the intent is to do all the exterior walls, depending upon the outside constrcution surface material, (wood, brick, block, stucco, etc.) different methods are used. Some outside surfaces like stuccos can be drilled or bored with holes and insulation blown in.

Other surfaces cannot be as easily done in that fashion. Some must be done from within the attic, if there is one. Lots of factors to consider. Professional insulation contracts should be considered, based upon your intent, extent of the job and conditions present.

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