Excellent Site about Crawlspace Insulation/Vents


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Excellent Site about Crawlspace Insulation/Vents

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First and foremost I like to state publically that I admire and deeply respect the people who are involved in studies like these.

Studies like these are funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The first thing the DOE does is disavow any accuracy and findings to the said studies. The reason the DOE does that to studies is because they are an experiment. In order to have the DOE give such grants, there must be a need. In this situation it has more to do with mold and mildew issues than energy conservation.

I can say that because their application dealt with the Latent Energy of Vaporization. And in most cases the energy savings when addressing this concern is usually around 7 to 10%. Their application saved 3%.

The other indicator that it had to do with mold and mildews issues was that it suggested its usefulness in the South and Northwest of the U.S. where high humidity is present.

Though I find such studies interesting, I caution people to accept them what they are; studies or experiments. It will take a great deal of patience and arduous work on the part of those involved in these studies to pass the test to wide acceptance. I am certain they are up to it. Furthermore, the wealth of information that this study provides is invaluable to professionals. Though arguably it can probably go both ways.

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