insulation tarp?


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insulation tarp?

I posted this in the garage section and the framing section because it pretains to all 3 sections.

I have a oversize 2 car garage, it fits my 2 cars nicely side by side but is about 10-15 feet longer than needed in front of the car.

What I want to do is divide this front area off from the rest of the garage and insulate it so I can heat it in the winter for a work shop.
This of course would be very easy with just a framed wall and a man door in it, however I would like to be able to move the wall out of the way when I am working on my cars so that I have the whole garage open.

An idea I thought of is maybe some kind of fabric that has some insulation properties, this way I can just role it up into the ceiling instead of having a rigid wall to move. It needs to have some insulation value to keep some heat in while I am working but not a lot, around R 5-10 should do it.
Does such a thing exist?
Sealing air tight along the floor and walls is not a big deal because their is no wind in the garage and I only plan on heating it when I am in there.

I dont want to insulate the entire garage because it is so large and my garage door is not insulated, plus it would take a lot of power to heat the entire garage in the Winnipeg winters.

Any ideas, suggestion or exprience with something like this would be appreciated.
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I have seen curtains that are approved for hanging in a shop but they are for containing welding sparks and shielding others from the arc.

A local contractor uses insulated tarps but the ones he has are only R-3, are quite heavy and are only approved for construction use, not the use you propose.

Whatever you use must be approved or you could mess up your fire insurance coverage.

A permanent wall in front of your bench might be your best option.

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